Thinking Outside the Box to Help Others

I have a brother-in-law who I love. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a very strong interest in the political issues of our country. He has a lot of time on his hands because he is now retired. But what does he do? He works like mad to send out humor about political issues of the day to his family and friends. I’ll bet he is just like me in that he ‘works’ longer hours now than when he had a job, yet he loves every minute of it. Life is good when you are doing what you love!

Each of us has a Purpose in Life that includes helping our loved ones and others in the world to realize their best potential. As an example of how this might be done I have suggested to my brother-in-law the possibility of setting up a website/blogsite/newsletter like mine, where he can share his great humor and political ideas and love with many more people. And I will do my best to help him every step of the way.

These ideas require thinking outside the box for my brother-in-law. Yet, just imagine the implications if he were to follow through and bring these possibilities into being.

He would:

1. Find great energy and excitement in being able to share his ideas with more people.

2. See new possibilities open up. For example, later he might write a book to share his ideas with even more people.

3. Have the possibility of making a lot of money while doing what he loves and does for free right now.

4. Develop new ways (possibilities) to impact our country by his influence – making a positive and powerful difference for his loved ones and others!

5. Possibly help all of his loved ones realize their potential by his example and by sharing with them some of the money he made.

6. Be living the life of his dreams!

Wow! To me, this just illustrates how powerful thinking outside the perimeters of our usual line of thought can be.

How can YOU think outside the box to start creating the life of your dreams? Understand your Purpose in Life and the possibilities for the positive and powerful impact of your life.