Wholeness – Claim Yours

You can create the power to align your life with the highest potential of your soul. It might be useful to ask yourself why you would put off something so beneficial to your peace of mind and general well-being. You might have fear that if you were to stop your frantic pace, your world might fall apart, and then you would have to face the undeniable reality of the results of the choices you have made.

You might be afraid that you will be forced to make huge changes in order to align yourself with the universe and harness your true potential. Sometimes the frustrations of the known world seem less scary than the possibilities of the unknown. The truth is that when you cooperate with the universe by creating your life from the truth of your being, life becomes less of a struggle and more of a process of living blissfully on purpose.

No doubt, you have felt the pull to meditate, but you are swayed from it by the excuses that spring to your mind. You may think you are too busy-have no time for such luxury, that you do not have the right place to meditate or do not know how. Your mind can think of dozens of reasons to put off meditating. There are even stronger reasons to look past the illusion of the hustle and bustle of your daily life and to connect to the place within that intersects with the timeless power and limitless potential of the universe. From that place you can experience that potent stillness that exists at all times, and it is only as far as away as your meditative breath.

The majority of people in Western society have the misconception that meditation must be done for hours at a time or only in the lotus position. There are two types of meditation-formal and informal. The choice is yours. The purpose is the same: “the accumulation of your mind power” to transform emotion into tranquility, prudence, peace and to effectively reduce tension and preoccupation. In formal meditation, you follow criteria, practice consistently, and with the wisdom and guidance of a knowledgeable teacher you will progress successfully. In informal meditation you create your own criteria, practice consistently and with your own wisdom and guidance. You can meditate while doing simple chores that require no thought-making a bed, vacuuming, dusting, showering, blow drying your hair, gardening, cooking, walking or hiking in nature, etc.

Whenever you are alone for a few moments you can give yourself the opportunity to turn within to infuse a sense of calm wisdom. Whenever you can take the time to center and focus, it will remind you how beneficial it is to connect to your source. You can make the time for longer sojourns of spirit, because once you are rejuvenated and enlivened by knowing that you are made of energy and light, you can cannel the power to create your life in alignment with the highest potential of your soul.