Help! What Should I do to Change My Life?

Is there something in your life that you’ve been wanting to change, but haven’t been able to? If you are asking the question “what should I do to change my life” then you made the all important first step which is to search for an answer. By asking “what should I do to change my life” you automatically imply that there is something in your life that you are not happy with, something that you are dissatisfied with. This is the all important start to creating change by realizing that where you are in life is not where you ultimately want to be and you can only get to where you want to be by knowing where you are.

There are only two real changes we all want to make. We either want to change the way we feel about something or someone, or we want to change our behaviour. All changes we want for and from our lives boils down to these two changes. An awareness of this will help you decide what kind of change you really want from your life.

Most of the time we don’t get ourselves to make a change in our lives because we procrastinate. We think that at some level the change will be more painful than staying where we are, so we keep putting it off, waiting for some external condition to initiate the change for us. So we end up going through years of “wanting to change” but not doing it.

We are all very keen on changing the conditions and circumstances of our lives, but we are not that keen on changing ourselves. We tend to seek outside ourselves asking what should I do to change my life, hoping that someone will deliver the magic bullet. The truth is that all change starts with us; within ourselves. Realize that you and only you are the source and the agent of change. All the resources you need to make any form of change are within you, merely waiting for you to tap into it and use it.

You can change anything and everything in your life with the right strategy. We constantly read about people who were addicted to hard drugs for years and then managed to stop in an instant while others have to go through years of therapy? Change does not come down to your whether you can do it (ability), but whether you will do it. Whether you will do it is a matter of motivation and motivation is nothing but a motive or a reason. If your motive is strong enough then you will unconsciously do any and everything necessary to change. Therefore it is critically important to not only know exactly WHAT you want to change, but to also know WHY you must change.

So, what should I do to change my life? Step one is to get motivated. Realize that every change you’ve ever made in your life happened in a moment. What took time was to finally get yourself to the point where you did what was necessary to make it happen. The challenge is that our cultural conditioning taught us that making significant changes takes a long time and that it is difficult to do. Change happens in an instant. It is not a process and you can do it right now by simply making a decision.

The most powerful thing you can do to make a change in your life is to make a real decision. When you make a truly committed decision then your actions will flow from it. The consistent actions people take is what makes the difference in their lives and our decisions are the father of all our actions. Thinking about something you want to change will remain a dream and a desire until you commit to your decision and a certain course of action. According to Tony Robbins “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

What should I do to change my life? Get motivated, know what you want, why you want it and make a decision that you commit yourself to it no matter what. Then, take action that is consistent with your decision until you produce the results you are after.