Cleansing Yourself of Clutter

It is easy to look around you and identify the external clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. Perhaps not as easy is looking inside yourself to identify the emotional clutter you’ve also built up. To begin, let’s take a look at what you tell yourself about the external clutter you’ve collected. Dig as deep as you can with these questions, to find the hole inside yourself that you are trying to fill with your external clutter!

What do you tell yourself about the clutter collecting you do?

How do you feel about the items that you collect?

Are all of the things you collect truly necessary to save?

How do you decide what to save and what to toss?

What is the self talk you use when you are trying to decide whether or not to keep something?

What are the emotions you feel when you decide to get rid of something?

What are the emotions you feel when you decide to keep something?

Do you collect things you will “get around to someday”?

Do you keep correspondence, articles and magazines you don’t read?

Were you raised in a household that still felt the scarcity of the Great Depression Era where everything was valuable and saved?

Are you self-conscious and ashamed of your clutter and hoarding?

What is the emptiness inside yourself that clutter collecting fills?

Do you feel unnecessary or unimportant to others? Do you feel unwanted? Perhaps you feel as though you are not good enough?

Your external clutter is a direct reflection of your internal clutter – what is the clutter you’ve collected in your physical world telling you about your internal wellbeing? Listen closely to your self-talk about the external clutter you’ve collected – are you letting yourself be at the mercy of others and their opinions of who you are and how you should be? You need to reveal your pain and find the ways in which you are a victim – a transgression to your body, your way of being or thinking.

What is the chronic issue that you feel sad about? A specific event, a specific person?

Has someone hurt you in the past? Does someone continue to hurt you?

What unhappiness from your past are you still collecting inside yourself?

Do you have a secret you feel you need to hide from others?

Has someone violated your body? Assaulted your way of being or thinking?

Has something been taken from you? Not given to you?

What are the negative or hurtful sentiments about yourself that you’ve heard repeatedly?

What is causing you pain? Why?

Who is causing you pain? Why?

Now you need to release that pain!

You cannot make the powerful changes in your life you want to make until you stop giving control of your life, emotional wellbeing, and self-talk to others. To take back control, you need to forgive and forget. Forgive the person who has caused you pain and yourself for succumbing to that pain for so long! Then you need to let the pain go so it can no longer have control over you.