A Roadmap for Hard Times

The current economy presents some challenges. For many, these are fearful times. The future is uncertain and anxiety rules… the perfect mix for a toxic situation. How the crisis is handled can make the difference between years of hardship and climbing to the next personal and professional plateau.

Giving way to despair will not help and waiting for outside help is not very promising either. In difficult situations, resolve is the best ally and a roadmap to follow the best friend.

In this case, resolve means being confident that a solution exists, that it will be found and implemented to fruition. Certainty is the winner’s edge so, there should be no doubts that there is a solution and that it can be found… and will be found.

Once that the certitude that a solution actually exists, a roadmap to follow is the next step. That roadmap is essentially a plan that can be followed to overcome the financial hardships. One essential thing about roadmaps is that it has to be a visual aid. Not some abstract notion in the brain. It has to be written down.

Every one’s roadmap will be different but they will all have many things in common. The first of which is knowing exactly where that map leads. In this case, the final destination would have to do with some sort of financial security.

The next step is a little more complex. That roadmap will travel through unknown terrains so, more than one route will have to be explored and developed. Each of these routes is actually a plan to reach the final objective or financial stability and security.

When undertaking this whole process, chances are that the creator of that plan will be almost clueless as to how the objective can be reached so a brainstorming will be required. The objective of that brainstorming is to find at least ten different possible ways to reach the objective.

At first, it could feel like a daunting task. It does not have to be. All that needs to be done is to jot down a very brief summary of ten different ways that the project could be brought to fruition.

Once that the list is complete, the most promising plan should be developed and broken down into small workable steps. If that plan seems workable, all that is needed it to implement it; if not, we simply go on to the next plan and see how it fares.

The process should be repeated until a workable plan is found and then, all that remains to be done is to implement that plan.

Since jobs are scarce, chances are very high that the solution will be some kind of entrepreneurial activities. In such cases, a lack of resource is almost always the major roadblock. Most of these can be overcome through resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness is the offspring of imagination and the hallmark of the creative mind. It would be safe to say that noting of significance would have been achieved without resourcefulness. It is the great equalizer that will allow someone of very modest means to compete with giants.

Resourcefulness is nothing more than the process of formulating the right question. The brain will always provide an answer to any question that we may ask. Sometimes the answer provided may not be suitable; in such cases the question has to be formulated differently. Sooner or later, the right question will be asked and the proper answer will be given. When that happens, the roadblock created by a lack of resources will have been removed.

To summarize, times may be challenging but they are not desperate. A solution for the problem exists and it just waiting to be found. What is needed to overcome the situation is: faith in one’s abilities, a workable plan and a lot of resourcefulness. These elements are already within you; just waiting to be discovered and implemented.